3-Prong Rust-Resistant Metal Glide Feet for Sofa Legs, Set of 12

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    Quick Overview

    Item # 113*21943

    Approximate Dimensions

    • Diameter: 27/32" (21 mm)
    • Height (not including spikes): 5.5/32" (4.5 mm)
    • Spike Height (3 spikes): 8.5/32" (7 mm)
    • Spike Width: 5/32" (3 mm)
    • Metal Thickness: 1.1/32" (1 mm)
    How Sold

    Sold as a set of 12 glides.


    3 Prong, Rust Resistant Metal Glide These 3-Prong Rust-Resistant Metal Glides are designed to be hammered into the bottom of furniture legs -- to protect the floor from scratches and abrasion. Easy Installation The spiked glides are easily hammered into the bottom of a sofa or couch leg, or any other wood furniture leg.

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size Twin
    Leg Height N/A
    Leg Style N/A