Square Plastic Bed Frame Insert Plugs, Set of 4, 5/8-Inch Outside Width

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    Item # 118*P7200


    • Width (square portion of plug): 5/8"
    • Width (round portion of plug): 1/2"
    • Overall Height: 1 27/32"
    • Please see Dimensional Illustrations under "More Views" for more dimensional specifications.

    Made of high strength HDPE plastic.


    Application Inserts into bedframes which accept the square insert plug. Casters and glides which require the square insert plug are then inserted into the square insert plug socket. How Sold This item is packaged and sold as a set of 4 plugs. Thus, ordering a quantity of 1 will result in 1 set of 4 plugs being ordered. Ordering a quantity of 2 will result in 2 sets of 4 plugs in each set, or 8 plugs, being ordered.

    Additional Information

    Mattress Size Twin
    Leg Height N/A
    Leg Style N/A